We aim to create a community platform for sharing process-based ideas and projects in an effort to improve the quality and liveability of our cities.  



Urban Design Collective is a non-profit organization that works as a collaborative platform  to promote livable and sustainable cities through community engagement. 

AECOM is a global leader providing fully integrated professional technical and management support services to enhance environments and create new buildings and communities.

MOAD is a multidisciplinary team of architects and designers with expertise in providing a range of services from large scale urban design to human scale interface design.

Potters For Peace is a US-based non-profit, working throughout the world to assist with the establishment of factories that produce clay water filters. 

What is Restart [your city]?

Together, we are working towards the sustainable development of cities. We are an innovative design collective focused on human-centered design responses. Our collaborative community facilitates and researches micro-strategies to be tested by local residents and participants via various analog and digital tools. As a result, the potential for experimental urban interventions to be prototyped inexpensively with flexibility allows for process-based design to adjust over time, without the need for a large capital investment.

Where We Are

Urur Olcott Kuppam, Chennai, India– Informal settlement with over 1500+ inhabitants currently lacking access to basic sanitation and water 

Tenderloin, San Francisco,  California, USA – Home to one of the city's largest homeless populations, residents of the Tenderloin are currently lacking shelter, green space, food and water

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We are currently looking for volunteers + business partners to join our team. If interested, please contact us info@restartyourcity.com for more information. 

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Eleven Magazine's
'San Francisco Tenderloin
Competition' -
Honourable Mention Award


Market St. Prototype Festival
'StreetSpeak.SF' - October 6-8th
Selected Project


OpenIdeo +Water.org's  'Sanitation and Water Challenge' - 



'Urban SOS Competition'-
Winning Entry

Make It Clever's
'Liveable Cities Competition'
Honorable Mention

More to come!



Coming soon!

Contact Us


We are currently working in San Francisco, CA, USA and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.





We can be reached via email
info@restartyourcity.com or phone +1 949 241 1367. 

We look forward to hearing from you!