founder & designer

Meesh Zucker

Meesh is currently a Master’s of City Planning candidate at MIT. Previously she worked as an urban designer + community engagement specialist at The League of Creative Interventionists and as a landscape architect at Fletcher Studio, a small design firm in San Francisco, California. She received her Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from The Pennslyvania State University in 2013. Upon graduating, she worked for a participatory design firm in Copenhagen before moving to San Francisco to launch Restart [your city].

Meesh’s interests center on how humans use and interact with urban spaces, particularly in how environmental and social systems can facilitate adaptive, healthy urban spaces. Her proposal to activate the city of Tirrupur, India won first place at the 2014 AECOM UrbanSOS Competition. Her other key projects include developing urban ecology networks, small-scale prototyping, community engagement workshops, and remediating vacant sites in cities. Meesh dreams of one day creating cities curated by inhabitants desires.