feature article

Member Profile: SPUR 'The Urbanist' Magazine, Feb/Mar 2017 Edition

"My interests were first sparked by my passion to create engaging spaces for people. Growing up it seemed like every public space catered to a certain niche group, none of which I could relate to. It wasn't until I moved to Copenhagen that I experienced public spaces that were successful only when the infrastructure had been curated by peoples's desires. I saw that tactical urbanism can be a powerful tool"...


Honorable Mention Award

Eleven Magazine's 'San Francisco Tenderloin Competition'

"The jury enjoyed this proposal and chose it as one of their Honorable Mentions due to its ambition and methodical care the design team took in developing a coherent masterplan which the jury can imagine successful in real-life policy making towards a new regenerative model for the Tenderloin"...


Selected project

Market Street Prototyping Festival

"Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), in partnership with the San Francisco Planning Department, announces the selection of 30 prototypes to be on display as part of the 2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival. Artists, activists, and members of the community were invited to submit prototype concepts to turn Market Street, San Francisco’s grand pedestrian boulevard, into a more engaging and vibrant destination"...


Winning entry


"Michelle and Emily’s vision for restarting Tirupur will provide workers forced to migrate to the city from the nearby countryside with the tools to obtain clean water, self-grown food and native materials for building resilient shelters. It’s a global problem that needs a very local solution. The boom of the textile industry in Tirupur has devastated the environment via discharge of effluents into the city’s Noyyal River"...