Honourable Mention
Our entry, Opt[in] received an 'Honourable Mention' award in Eleven Magazine's 2016 San Francisco Competition. See below a brief description of our entry, project images and comments from the esteemed jury. 


The Story
San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin district houses a diverse + vibrant community comprised of artists, students, families, and perhaps most notably, the city’s largest homeless population [63%]. The current homeless residents [4,191] have limited or no access to basic urban rights such as proper sanitation, adequate shelter, and privacy. With housing options already scarce, residents are faced with a particular disadvantage when trying to move from the shelter or street, as many lack the required qualifications to be considered. Gentrification of the surrounding areas threatens to push residents out of the Tenderloin altogether.

Despite these obstacles, a resourceful community + dynamic culture exists amongst current residents. To displace homeless and low-income residents of the Tenderloin would be to deprive an already marginalized community of their main support system. For this proposal, displacement of current residents is not an option.