Who We Are

Our team is currently made up of relevant partners located all over the world.



Michelle Zucker

[Founder + Designer] San Francisco

Michelle is currently working as an urban designer + landscape architect for Fletcher Studio, a small design firm in San Francisco, CA. She received her Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from The Pennslyvania State University in 2013. Upon graduating she worked for a participatory design firm in Copenhagen for a few years before moving to San Francisco to launch Restart [your city]. 

Michelle’s interests center on how humans use and interact with urban spaces.  Her main focus is how environmental and social systems can facilitate adaptive, healthy urban spaces. Her proposal to activate the city of Tiruppur, India won her first place in the 2014 AECOM UrbanSOS Competition. Other key projects she has worked on include developing urban ecology networks, small-scale prototyping, community engagement workshops and the remediation of vacant sites within city infrastructure systems. 

Strider Patton

[Collaborator, Artist + Anthropologist] San Francisco

Strider has lived his life at the cross roads of public art and altruism. Combining artistic practice from his dad, social awareness and compassion from his mom, he has devoted his work towards art that can change the world. 

After earning his Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology and Social Change, Strider has been involved with many place making public art projects that invite observers to participate in collective, visceral experiences. He has explored may mediums of art over his live, but spray painting, stencils, street art and muralism have been his main focus for the past decade.

Check out his website @ www.striderpatton.com


Karla Diaz

[Community Coordinator] San Francisco

Karla received her BA in Sociology from San Francisco State University and is currently working as a Case Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area in San Francisco. She has a passion for making a positive impact in the community through the Bay Area's youngest population. Karla is currently doing so by working with at-risk youth to bridge the gap between their communities and resources. In her ideal world, every community would be efficiently connected to resources and given equal opportunity to thrive. 

kevyn 2.jpg


[Head of Public Relations] San Francisco

Kevyn joined our team in the summer of 2015 and has been an integral team member ever since. He spends most of his time ensuring things are running smoothly and everyone is working hard. His interests include planning team field trips to the dog park and using his exceptional social skills to connect with anyone holding a burrito. 

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